By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR’s Revolution Leads the Way for Antelope Valley Firefighters

The Antelope Valley Volunteer Fire Protection District has served as a task force leader on several California fires because of its use of TOMAR Electronics’ Revolution Illumination system.

Lighting plays a very important role on an emergency scene and keeps both the public and first responders safe. After outfitting their Type 3 truck with TOMAR in 2017, the department recognized the need for more efficient lighting on all vehicles and converted their entire fleet to TOMAR’s award-winning Revolution series.

A Shift Towards Safety

“There is nothing more important than safety,” said Antelope Valley Fire Protection District Chief, Mike Curti. “When Antelope Valley Fire was looking into emergency lighting TOMAR really stood out as being so far above the standard. We removed what was installed on a one-year-old engine and had TOMAR installed. Before, when firefighters were out in the dark there was never enough light, but now that we have TOMAR, there is!”

A Revolutionary Approach

TOMAR’s Revolution Series is a game-changer in the realm of emergency lighting. Designed to mitigate risks and streamline operations during critical situations, this series integrates cutting-edge illumination technology into an easy-to-install light head.

Its patented design, including a waterproof seal and built-in ventilation system, coupled with surface mounting, significantly reduces installation, repair, and maintenance costs for emergency departments.

Recognized Excellence

TOMAR won the Most Innovative Warning and Illumination Product Award from EMS World in 2017 for the original Revolution Series.

Revolution Series Scene Illumination LED Lights

TOMAR's Revolution Illumination Series is the ultimate solution for automotive scene lighting. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and designed for maximum performance, this scene light will transform your scene into a safe and well-illuminated environment. Go confidently knowing your department's choice in Revolution is backed by over 50 years of American Engineering.

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