Since 1969

Industries we serve

Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement, Service, Towing, Offroad

From Lightbars, Warning Lights, Scene Lights, Controllers/Sirens, and more! Serving all industries from fleet to Marine.

Industrial and Agriculture

Solutions ranging from TOMAR’s innovative multi-voltage MicroStrobe II and MircoStrobe IV found all over the globe, to the Explosion-Proof 7000 Series and more.

Emitter Systems, Detectors,
and OSP Cards

Take a look at how our Envelope of Safety has revolutionized the way we respond to emergency situations.

Our Experts are ready for
your custom projects

TOMAR Custom Division can create new; or modify an existing TOMAR solution to meet a specification need.

50 Years filled with
Patented Award winning products

In house product development to industry leading delivery times. We are committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions that clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments.

TOMAR stands behind our products, just like we stand behind you.

Founded in Chicago in 1969 and now headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR Electronics, Inc. is a pioneering, family-owned and operated business providing signaling, illumination, and right-of-way enhancing products in the industrial and emergency industries which serve government, public, and private communities.

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