By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR Raises Illumination to New Heights with the ASPIRE Series

GILBERT, AZ (JULY 27, 2020) – TOMAR Electronics Inc., a leading manufacturer of award winning, high-quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems, just launched its ASPIRE Series.

TOMAR’s ASPIRE Series is a telescoping pole mounted illumination solution that incorporates an industry proven off-road style light that is designed for incredible performance!

The Why from TOMAR

Our ASPIRE Series was created using the rugged and reliable TRX Series. The TRX Series has proven its durability in some of the most treacherous on and off-road conditions and is an industry-accepted solution,” continued Barker. We are honored to serve those who protect our lives and property with the new ASPIRE product Series.

ASPIRE Series Details

The ASPIRE Series will be available for 4 different applications:

  • An adjustable telescoping pole
  • Pole ready - for retrofitting onto an existing pole
  • A recessed mount
  • A brow mount (Available in late 2020)

The ASPIRE Pole Mounted and Pole Ready Series features independently adjustable light beams to maximize the performance of on-scene illumination, keeping both first responders and the community safe. Recessed versions include a sleek and modern look with customizable spot or flood modules. Through the use of Hybrid TIR Optics, light is directed where it belongs, and stray light is greatly reduced, providing first responders ample light in any emergency setting. The hermetically sealed light modules are housed in a marine-grade coated extruded housing that are easy to replace and repair, allowing departments to keep costs down, while keeping the community safe.

The ASPIRE Series strengthens your community’s Envelope of Safety and provides an integrated solution for your response.

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Industries we serve

With in-house product development and industry leading delivery times, we are committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions that clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments.

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