By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR Launches Two Motorcycle Mounted Preemption Emitter Models

GILBERT, AZ (OCTOBER 8, 2018) – TOMAR Electronics has released the TOMAR Motorcycle Mounted Preemption Emitter (MOTO). Two models are available in self-contained or remote mounted versions and are designed to increase maneuverability while decreasing response time.

Two Motorcycle Mounted Preemption Emitter Models

The T792HL-MOTO Model emits any of 10,000 GTT OPTICOM™ * format vehicle IDs in 10 classes of either command (high) or advantage (low) priorities. The 3065-MOTO Model emits any of 65,000 TOMAR Strobecom format vehicle IDs of either Emergency Band (high) or Transit Band (low) priorities. Both models are equipped with continuous self-diagnostics and a highly adaptable automatic disable system to prevent intersection lockup.

“Responding to emergencies on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous,” stated TOMAR. “Maneuverability and response time should not be compromised by opposing traffic and other obstacles. We designed the MOTO models to be highly durable, adaptable, and weather resistant.”

Both MOTO models are self-contained, weather resistant, and have a minimum of 2,500 feet detection. Waterproof connectors and a power and control cable are included. A visible filter light can be added to make emitter operation invisible. A ten-year warranty on the power supply and a two-year warranty on the emitter lamp are also included.

The MOTO models are currently available and may be purchased from authorized TOMAR dealers.

*Global Traffic Technologies, GTT, and Opticom are trademarks of Miovision Technologies Incorporated and not affiliated with TOMAR Electronics Inc.

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