By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR Electronics Debuts Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Lamp Solutions to Improve Community Safety

GILBERT, AZ (OCTOBER 2, 2018) – TOMAR Electronics has designed two waterproof Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon (RRFB) lamp models to address a variety of sign manufacturers’ needs.

RRFB is used to describe a traffic sign format increasing in use in North America. RRFB signs are most often installed at unattended pedestrian crosswalks, such as school crossings and pedestrian walkways.

Versatile Lamp Solutions

TOMAR RRFB lamps are available in two models featuring the United States Department of Transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) required flash pattern and a patented waterproof construction. The Self-Flashing solution contains the synchronized circuitry necessary to generate separate flash patterns. The Externally Flashed Solution is designed to be flashed by the sign manufacturer’s internal circuitry. Both models contain dimming circuitry for nighttime use.

Efficiency and Safety

Recent improvements in LED technology have allowed TOMAR’s RRFB lightheads to use less power to meet MUTCD intensity standards. This allows solar traffic sign manufacturers to simplify their charging systems and reduce unnecessary manufacturing costs. In keeping with TOMAR’s belief in the Envelope of Safety, each TOMAR lighthead contains 12 high-intensity LEDs for a more uniform presentation than signs using lightheads with 8 or fewer LEDs.

“We are pleased to unveil the new RRFB models,” said TOMAR. “Efficiently lit pedestrian crossways protect the community, especially children in school crossings. Our patented waterproof construction also makes for a more rugged and durable product, making the lighting less likely to be damaged due to weather, vehicle emissions or vandalism.”

TOMAR’s RRFB lamps are now available through authorized distributors. For more information on TOMAR and TOMAR products, please visit

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TOMAR Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high-quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems. Located in Gilbert, AZ, TOMAR has designed and manufactured highly reliable and efficient LED and strobe light systems for more than 40 years. For more information, please visit

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