Optical emitters provide emergency vehicle preemption or transit priority at upcoming traffic signal intersections and gated entries.  Reducing response times in order to save lives and/or property in a proven, efficient & affordable way.

Designed and engineered to help emergency services professionals reach their destination quickly and safely. This Preemption system is designed with the ability to communicate with the traffic control system.

The Optical Signal Processor (OSP) receives the electrical signals from the optical preemption detectors. While being received, the signals are processed to determine if the vehicle is a valid emergency or transit vehicle.

What is STROBESWITCH:  TOMAR STROBESWITCH™ works like an emergency unlock feature for restricted or gate-accessed properties.  It allows first responders to open a locked automatic gate without having to exit their vehicle.  

Developed to meet the requirements of US DOT Interim Approval IA-21 for the MUTC
(Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways)

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