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Tomar offroad solutions

What is Tomar Offroad?

TOMAR is an American electronics-manufacturing company, founded in Chicago in 1969, and now headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona.  Since the 60’s, TOMAR has brought to market innovating solutions for signaling and illumination for both commercial and industrial applications, as well as government and private sector.

In early 2016, TOMAR incorporated decades of experience designing and manufacturing rugged, long-lasting and high-performing lighting for military and first-responders, into the new TOMAR Off-Road Division for use by anyone.  From weekend-warrior to those whose lives depend on it, TOMAR Off-Road makes a solution for those who demand reliability no matter what climate or place it’s deployed.

Tomar offroad solutions

Every product used in TOMAR’s Off-Road Line was designed for those whose lives depend on it – First Responders, DoD, and Military.  We employ only engineering processes that we have proven for decades which can hold up to the abuse of every climate and situation they are thrown into.  This means when you need them to work, they will.

From Off-Road Lightbars that are internally-relayed with multiple LED color modes and flash patterns; to chase bars; chase lights; marker lights; rock lights; and sirens; TOMAR has the solutions to make your ride standout from the crowd.  


Tomar offroad solutions

Off-Road Lightbars
Smart Lightbars with Smarter Design.

Smart – “Having Intelligence.”  That’s what TOMAR’s Off-Road Light bars have.  Dual-color control; flashing; visible to Infrared light.  If your off-road vehicle needs it, TOMAR Off-Road bars can do it – without the need of an external controller.  So what makes TOMAR Off-Road Light Bars different?  Allow us to tell you, technically speaking…

TOMAR off-road bars are like nothing you have seen before.  We started with Cree® XPL LEDs for maximum lumen output and reliability.  The light from the LEDs is focused through our Clear Vision Optic (CVO) system which uses a hybrid total-internal-reflector (TIR) collimator over the LED, rather than a reflector behind the LED like other manufactures.  By doing this, TOMAR off-road bars are able to effectively project more of the LED’s lumens exactly where the light needs to go.

This means dramatically increased performance when compared to equal amounts of lumens, and reduced glare from stray vertical light (ever had your light-bar light up your hood, not the road?).  It also gives TRX the ability to have fully dual-color SAE-compliant options.  Next, to battle the decrease in lumen output seen when a LED heats up, we used thermal material matched to a heavy-duty 6065-T5 aluminum heat-sink designed to effectively maintain light output performance over increased periods of usage.  This was especially important when working with agencies needing to rely on light bar performance for hours at a time.

Tomar offroad solutions


From there, we seal the optics and electronics using our patented vibration welding sealing process, protecting the components from dust and moisture, in one of three optical options: Spot, Flood, or Combination Spot/Flood.  The module layouts are then configured by user preference.  And because TOMAR’s off-road bars are modular, they can be serviced or adjusted by placing modules in different positions.  Lastly, all TOMAR off-road light bars are internally-relayed, meaning install is a breeze!  Even our 60″ bars which produce over 33,000 lumens and 846,000 peak beam candela draw just milli-amps from the switch source!  Gone are the days of searching for the right switch to use…

Great! So, what does this all mean?  This means you get more lighting performance; longer-lasting reliability; and more features!  Because of all the capabilities, we had to break the off-road line into three sub-lines:  TRX, TRT, and TRM.

The TRX Series is our core off-road lightbar, and is all about illumination.  It can be built as a single-color light bar, with visible white-light output only; or a fully dual-color light bar with an amber override feature.  This means TRX meets illumination needs whether conditions are clear, rainy, smoky, foggy, etc.  This is our core off-road bar, and is used on many applications from civilian race vehicles to wildland fire-fighting brush trucks and apparatus.  Need it with infrared as well?  We have that.  TOMAR is the only manufacture who makes a multi-purpose off-road light bar with both visible and infrared light.

The TRT Series is TOMAR’s Tactical off-road bar, and combines illumination with SAE-compliant warning lights.  Even having the ability to flash colors and illuminate white, TRT is also available with infrared as a third feature.

Finally, for those on the water, the TRM Series marine line meets the demands of ship-borne light bars, in either of the TRX or TRT formats, with an extra protective powder-coating process to defend the finish against the elements.  Since the whole TOMAR off-road line of light bars meet IP69K standards for water-proofing, nothing else on the TRM line needed to be adapted for water-use.  This means you maintain the incredible performance many have come to expect from the TOMAR off-road bars, with extra protection from salt and UV light.

Tomar offroad solutions

RECT-Series Chase Lights.
Smart Chase Lights with Sleek, Rugged Design

Imagine a chase-lamp as adaptable as you.  3-LED, 4-LED, or 6-LED, with the ability to both flash and steady burn, depending on what YOU want it to do.  Now, put this in a package that which is both extremely powerful, and extremely reliable. With over a decade of service on first-responder vehicles, the RECT series is made for MORE than you can throw at it, and has proven itself time and again.

See the options here.

Tomar offroad solutions

TOMAR’s Off-Road TRX and TRT light bars offer incredible performance both front OR rear facing.  Our chase bars can be configured with rear flood or spot lamps; DOT-compliant stop/tail lamps; steady burn or flashing chase lamps; rear warning lamps; or everything just mentioned in ONE bar!  No other chase bar can do this with a hermetically-sealed IP69k rating and internal relays.

Like all TOMAR off-road bars, Chase Bars can be setup to your preferences, because of the modular design.  See some of our pre-designed bars here.

Tomar offroad solutions

With the ability to both flash and steady burn from internal relays, TOMAR’s TRX and TRT are now offering Fire Apparatus, Command Vehicles, and other larger equipment the ability to combine the rear scene-light with the rear 5+ element traffic director/advisor.  

This scene-light uses our off-road combination spot/flood optics with the ability to single left arrow; right arrow; or split arrow. The arrow functions use the bar’s secondary color selection, so the arrow can be set as amber, red, blue, or a combination of colors.

Contact TOMAR Sales for ordering information and customizing your selection based on your needs.

Tomar offroad solutions

Until now, there has never been a single light bar which could provide white light for clear conditions; amber light for inclimate conditions; flashing colored light for warning; and infrared light for stealth.  Now there is ONE bar which can do it ALL.

Typically specified by government and defense use, this bar is also ideal for farm or park use where visibility can be increases through the use of night vision goggles or other Night Optical Devices (NODs).

See how we do this here

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?  TOMAR’s custom engineering and flexible product line means we have hundreds of custom solution which may not all be on the web.  Contact us today about your build, and let us provide a tailored solution based on your needs.