What is NEOBE®


The Look of Neon – the Power of Strobe

What is NEOBE®?

NEOBE® is a completely new form of light technology and unlike any other light technology of the past. NEOBE® has the look of neon and the power of strobe. Just as halogen lights of the 1970’s outperformed the outdated incandescent rotator technology of the 1950’s. NEOBE’s technology is setting the standards for a new era in light technology, performance and longevity for the millenium and perhaps decades to follow.

NEOBE®…The most significant advancement in warning light technology in over 30 years!

While TOMAR Engineers describe NEOBE® as “the most effective lighting source with the highest energy to light conversion efficiencies,” our customers who have seen the brilliance of NEOBE® say it best:

“All other warning lights simply pale in comparison”

“A significant night and day difference over any other warning lights”

“If they don’t see you coming with NEOBE® lights, they’re blind”


NEOBE® applications are virtually endless, from lighting emergency vehicles to equiping advertising signs that can be seen in bright daylight!

While emergency, municipal, and utility vehicles will use NEOBE® to power warning lights, other customers will find NEOBE® applications for signs, “daylight lighted billboards,” scoreboards, industrial uses and theatrical lighting.

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