At TOMAR, we believe that Towing is Serious Business.

, TOWING, TOMAR Electronics Inc.

TOMAR’s Envelope of Safety (EOS) is a standard based way for towing to make the difference the market deserves and that is consistent with the budget realities the market demands.

In today’s complex business of towing there are a lot of demands for the manufacturers of the vehicles, the tow services and the employees dispatched to support a family or an 18-wheeler down a gully.

Those demands come from government (federal, state and local) in the form of compliance, from the insurance companies covering the tow service providers, those being towed, and workman’s comp covering the drivers dispatched to name a few.

The demands come from the customers who contract for the towing services.  Those customers can be one-time cash deals, AAA contracts or retainers for services to large enterprises.

Tow Vehicles designed using the EOS methodology will safely deliver on these specific demands.

, TOWING, TOMAR Electronics Inc.
, TOWING, TOMAR Electronics Inc.
, TOWING, TOMAR Electronics Inc.
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