Polaris General® Emergency Response Package

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For use by the US Military, DoD, and First Responders, TOMAR’s Emergency Warning Package for the Polaris® General® is a complete, turn-key solution that provides everything an agency needs in an emergency, off-road package, plus more.

A 50” TRT Tactical Light Bar up front with two lower RECT-16s; two side-facing tri-color iLEDs; a 35” TRT Chase Light Bar, rear-facing tri-color iLED and two RECT14s to the back complete a full, 360º warning package designed to be seen from a distance and stand up to the harshest environments.

When illumination is needed, the front upper 50” TRT; lower-front 15” dual-color TRX with white and amber modes; side-facing iLEDs; rear-facing TRT Chase Bar and iLED all override to intense, steady white light to identify the scene all around the General®. This is ideal for illuminating a target; search and rescue; or workspace lighting.

When discretion is needed, dual 940 nanometer infrared modules in the front upper TRT light bar provide powerful forward-facing IR light, with a combination of spot and 90º flood optics. The infrared light from the TRT bar is extremely effective for covert maneuvers.

For Polaris® and their installers, this package is engineered to be pre-programmed, ready-to-sync, for ease of installation and optimal use. The warning package is also fully SAE-complaint, and can be easily programmed to meet CA Title 13 for 50-state warning compliance. A 100-watt siren speaker and push button digital control panel with public announcement make the system a complete, easy to use, turn-key solution for official use.

By providing a completely hermetically sealed light package, which employs TOMAR’s Clear Vision optics, this solution is not only functional, but extremely effective and reliable. This package was designed to be as tough as the vehicles they are mounted on, and the people operating them. TOMAR designs, engineers, and assembles in Gilbert, Arizona, and provides some of the best warranties in the industry.


Polaris®, RZR®, General®, MRZR® are Registered Trademarks and MRZR-Alpha™ is a Trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.


Polaris General LEGOVT Layout

Items Included in This Package

Front Upper Lightbar


All Red:

All Blue:

The upper front lightbar is the main source of front illumination, both visible and stealth. This bar maintains the ability to project intense white light or 940nm infrared light; but can also function as an SAE-compliant warning lightbar, which also meets CA Title 13 standards for 50-state compliance. (lightbar mount, part number TBK-POL-50)
Front Lower Lightbar


The ability to switch between powerful white flood lights or amber light for fog, dust, snow, rain, or smoke, makes the 15 inch TRX bar on the lower front zone adaptable to any weather condition.
Front Warning

R16LSV-RR-05, R16LSV-BB-06

All Red:
R16LSV-RR-05, R16LSV-RR-06

All Blue:
R16LSV-BB-06, R16LSV-BB-05

Mounted vertically with optics designed to spread light horizontally in their orientation, the RECT-16s provide powerful front warning light.
Side Warning

(2) RSTH-RBW-07 & (2) RSTH-RBW-08

All Red:
(2) RSDH-RW-07 & (2) RSDH-RW-08

All Blue:
(2) RSDH-BW-07 & (2) RSDH-BW-08

Tri-color red, blue, and white iLED modules mounted on the sides of the vehicle provide dual-color red and blue warning to the flanks, while having the ability to override to powerful white flood lights for side illumination.
Rear Upper Lightbar


All Red:

All Blue:

The rear, upper TRT bar provides multi-function use in all environments. On the outer flanks, DOT compliant stop/tail modules add visibility to the vehicle’s running and stop lights. Next to those, powerful rear-facing amber spot-lights with XPL LEDs aid in visibility in convoys by penetrating dust clouds created by the vehicle at speed. The inner three modules act as the rear flood lights for scene illumination, but also as Red/Amber/Blue warning modules for safety and identification. (lightbar mount, part number TBK-RZR1K-35R)
Rear Warning Mid

R14LS-RR-05 & R14LS-BB-06

All Red:
(1) R14LS-RR-05, (1) R14LS-RR-06

All Blue:
(1) R14LS-BB-06, (1) R14LS-BB-05

Compact but powerful RECT-14s provide dedicated rear warning.
Rear Warning Lower


All Red:

All Blue:

Tri-color red, blue, and white iLED modules mounted on the rear of the vehicle provide dual-color red and blue warning to the rear, while having the ability to override to a powerful rear flood light for added rear illumination.


A high-mounted digital control panel with push-button functions provides light and siren controls for the whole vehicle. By keeping all functions push-button with no moving parts, dust has less impact on internal components. With the standard public-address system, making announcements are easy with the hand-held mic.


A certified 100watt front-mounted speaker provides loud siren and announcement amplification.

Placement Diagrams