Optical Signal Processor Configuration Software

Optical Signal Processor Configuration Software




The 4140V2 & OSPOCV2 OSP cards have an onboard Ethernet port that can pair with the OSPsoft for ITS applications.  The 4140V2 & OSPOCV2 OSP cards can uniquely identify optical emitters with codes up to 65000 in both emergency band (high priority) and transit band (low priority). They are supplied from the factory configured with all emergency and transit band vehicle codes in the range 0-9999 enabled and assigned to subgroup 15, with the priority for subgroup 15 set to a value of 15 (highest priority). From the factory, the 4140V2 & OSPOCV2 are capable of handling all 65000 codes and the range for both emergency and transit bands are set to maximum (2500 feet or more).  If further configuration is needed then the OSPsoft is a simple configuration program that allows users to set range distance for detection, enhance communication and also keeps a log that includes the vehicle ID#, time of call, duration of call, direction of vehicle, time/date stamp & ability to change flash patterns for Tomar’s IC Integrated Confirmation light system.

*OSPsoft can be purchased/downloaded off the Tomar website by an approved Tomar Strobecom Distributor

**If preferred the OSPsoft is also available for purchase by an approved Tomar Strobecom Distributor on either USB thumb drive or CD versions.

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