FSEMIT Fire Station Mounted Emitter System


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The model FSEMIT Fire Station Emitter System provides a way for emergency vehicles leaving a fire station to preempt nearby traffic intersections and clear traffic blocking the roadway in front of the fire station.

Actuated by a push button as the emergency responders prepare and man the emergency vehicle, the FSEMIT sends an emitter signal to the nearby intersection for the user configurable period of time. The nearby intersection is preempted and congested traffic in front of the station exit that might impede the emergency vehicle entry on to the roadway is cleared as the emergency vehicle prepares to leave the station.

The FSEMIT can be actuated by any normally open push button. A built in timer operates the emitter for a selected period of time and then automatically shuts off the emitter.

Optionally a TOMAR StrobeSwitch can be used instead of a push button to automatically activate the FSEMIT from the vehicle emitter signal without manual activation

Ordering Information
Model Description
FSEMIT-120 120 VAC Fire Station Emitter System
FSEMIT-DC 12/24 VDC Fire Station Emitter System
1790-1014 Optional StrobeSwitch detector for automatic activation by emergency vehicle emitter