Aspire Pole Mount Series



Until the intelligently designed Aspire Series hit the market, scene illumination was not very flexible. It often times blinded first responders and created safety issues to both motorists and those working the emergency scene. We’ve raised the bar – You deserve better!

Adaptable telescoping and fixed length pole scene lighting is the foundation of the Aspire Pole Mounted Series. Selecting a combination of Flood or Spot optics in 2 independently adjustable lightheads not only helps illuminate what matters on your scene, but also increases performance of the scene light. Should your vehicle or apparatus change environments or overall uses, the modular design allows a quick swap out of modules that adapt to your vehicle’s overall mission. Since the modules in the Aspire Series are constructed using TOMAR’s patented hermetically sealing process, swapping out a module does not void the warranty or damage any seals.

Aspire Pole Mounted Series Summary:

  • Independently adjustable light beams to maximize the performance of on-scene illumination
  • Hybrid TIR Optics direct light where it belongs and greatly reduces stray light
  • Hermetically sealed light modules housed in a marine-grade coated extruded housing that are easy to replace and/or repair
  • Available with or without telescoping pole
  • IP69K Rating

Scene Light Unit Specifications:

  • Choose between white and marine grade powder coating or black powder coating
  • Available with flood and/or spot optics
  • Low cost / easy maintenance
  • Individual replacement of TRX units and/or modules
  • Integrated switching on select modules
  • 3/4″ NPT Thread Mount
  • +12-24 VDC (AMP Draw at 12VDC = 8.4 / AMP Draw at 24VDC = 4.2)
  • 11″ W x 7″ H x 8.5″ D

Telescoping Pole Specifications:

  • Clear anodized aluminum
  • Clear anodize pole and white brackets, come with the white lighthead.
  • Black anodize pole and black brackets, come with the black lighthead.
  • Coiled cord with (3) 14Ga wires
  • Two white aluminum support brackets
  • 59″ tall with up to 27.5″ telescoping height
  • Pole Diameter is 1.25″

Fixed Length Pole Specifications:

  • Silver anodized pole or Black anodized pole
  • Fixed lengths of: 6”, 12”, 18”, or 24”


Spot/Spot Flood/Flood Flood/Spot|Spot/Flood
Max Amp Draw 8.4 8.4 8.4
Peak Candela 288,000 29,440 158,720
Raw Lumens 11,040 11,040 11,040
Distance at 1 LUX 537 172 398
Distance at .25 LUX 1,073 343 797


3D STEP Files

Aspire Series – Switched – Telescopic Pole

Aspire Series – Non-Switched – Telescopic Pole

Aspire Series – Switched – Lights only/No-Pole

Aspire Series – Non-Switched – Lights only/No-Pole

Aspire Series – 6″ Fixed Pole

Aspire Series – 12″ Fixed Pole

Aspire Series – 18″ Fixed Pole

Aspire Series – 24″ Fixed Pole