975 Half Bar


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The 975L Scorpion™ Half-bar

Low Profile Half-bar Series

TOMAR’s 975L Scorpion™ lightbar maintains the rugged structure of Tomar’s previous line of lightbars but with a low profile modern look. With an extruded aluminum housing and optical Lexan light modules the 975L lightbar is built to last. The 975L lightbar includes many scalable features such as 3 or 6 LED front warning modules, 3 LED corner modules and your choice of LED scene lights. With this much versatility you are sure to find a configuration that meets your budget and performance needs.
  • Easy maintenance and lamp replacement
  • Hermetically sealed lamp modules
  • Potted controller and waterproof wiring
  • Lamp modules available in 3 or 6 LED versions
  • Available corner modules
  • Available in 16”, 21”, 26”, 30”, 40”, 44”, 48”, 53”, 62”, 67”, and 75” lengths
  • Integrated 6 or 8 element traffic director standard on all 6 lamp or longer bars
  • LED scene lights or 13° down angle lights available
  • 48 programmable flash patterns
  • Optional traffic preemption emitter
  • STT lights available on 49” and larger bars
  • ICC lights available all length bars
  • Approvals: J595, SAEJ2498, CCR Title 13, NFPA Configurations available
Item Description
Electrical 12 VDC operation, 5.4A Typical average amp draw in full warning mode on a 48” bar.
Size Height: 2.4 “
Depth: 2.6”
Length: Available in 16”, 21”, 26”, 30”, 40”, 44”, 48”, 53”, 62”, 67”, and 75”