LED Microstack 1 High
LED Microstack 1 High
LED Microstack 1 High

LED Microstack 1 High



LED Microstack Lens Color
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Amber Blue Clear Green Red
LED Steady-On/Flashing
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24 VCD/AC 120 VAC 240 VAC
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The TOMAR model PRE-F Microstack is a flashing or steady burning modular light tower. It is ideally suited for machine-status or process control signaling applications. Consisting of a long life, high-output, and vibration resistant LED lamp cluster, the PRE-F is designed to increase productivity and greatly reduce maintenance costs. The unique prism-cut lens design assures superior light diffusion and greater lens fill. All components, including the LED’s, are warranted for a full 5 years.

The model PRE-F is available from one to five-high configuration and in 24 VDC/AC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC versions.

With the built-in Flasher, each light module can be individually controlled for Flashing or Steady-on mode. An optional 80 dB Sounder is available which can be Factory installed or easily added later.

Pre-wired and pre-assembled, each unit is ready for installation right out of the box. If required, the lenses can be separated without tools by simply twisting and pulling them apart.

  • 5-year warranty
  • High power LED cluster
  • Built-in Flasher
  • 80 FPM
  • CE Compliant
  • 24 VDC/AC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC
  • 100,000 hour lamp life
  • 56 mm (2.2”) diameter
  • IP 56
  • Factory assembled
  • 80 db optional Sounder

Additional information

LED Steady-On/Flashing

Steady-On, Flashing


24 VCD/AC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC

LED Microstack Lens Color

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Red


Model Description Voltage
PRE-F-1-024 LED Microstack, 1-High 24 VCD/AC 28 mA
PRE-F-1-120 LED Microstack, 1-High 120 VAC 25 mA
PRE-F-1-240 LED Microstack, 1-High 240 VAC 25 mA
PRE-F-2-024 LED Microstack, 2-High 24 VCD/AC 62 mA
PRE-F-2-120 LED Microstack, 2-High 120 VAC 57 mA
PRE-F-2-240 LED Microstack, 2-High 240 VAC 57 mA
PRE-F-3-024 LED Microstack, 3-High 24 VCD/AC 102 mA
PRE-F-3-120 LED Microstack, 3-High 120 VAC 91 mA
PRE-F-3-240 LED Microstack, 3-High 240 VAC 91 mA
PRE-F-4-024 LED Microstack, 4-High 24 VCD/AC 136 mA
PRE-F-4-120 LED Microstack, 4-High 120 VAC 124 mA
PRE-F-4-240 LED Microstack, 4-High 240 VAC 124 mA
PRE-F-5-024 LED Microstack, 5-High 24 VCD/AC 169 mA
PRE-F-5-120 LED Microstack, 5-High 120 VAC 155 mA
PRE-F-5-240 LED Microstack, 5-High 240 VAC 155 mA


Item Description
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Life 100,000 hours
Flash Rate 80 flashes per minute
Sounder 80 db @ 10M
Net weight 1 high – .9 lbs. 2 high – 1.1 lbs 3 high – 1.3 lbs 4 high – 1.5 lbs 5 high – 1.7 lbs

LED Microstack Accessories

Item Description
MAP-0022 Pole, 22 mm
MAP-N033 Pole, 33 mm with 1/2″ NPT threads
MAP-M043 Pole, 43 mm with M20 nuts
MAP-0240 Pole, 240 mm
MAP-M240 Pole, 240 mm with (2) M20 nuts
MAP-0750 Pole, 750 mm
MAP-M750 Pole, 750 mm with (2) M20 nuts
MAM-B070 Tulip base, 70 mm (2.75”) diameter
MAM-DS25 Wall mount “L” bracket for M20 pole and nut
MAM-DS30 Wall mount bracket


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