HPK-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn System

HPK-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn System


SKU: HPK-150


The HPK-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn System offers the same loud and legal* features and functionality as the HPK-100 In-Cab Stutter Horn System, but utilizes the HA-150 Under Hood Stutter Horn Amplifier for exterior, all weather installations. Compact and easy-to-install, the HPK-150 is ideal for any volunteer POV, motorcycle, ATV, or marine craft. It is also a cost-effective alternative for other service vehicles that are not equipped with compressed air horn systems.

• Waterproof
• Ultra-compact for exterior-mount installation on any vehicle
• Power indicator light for diagnostics
• 100 watt electronic air horn amplifier
• Legal* for POV use
• “Stutter” air horn sound
• Wires to horn ring or separate switch (customer supplied)
• No-hassle 5 year warranty SP-200 SWITCH PANEL
• Easily switch between standard vehicle horn and louder, more powerful “Stutter” air horn
• Illuminated rocker switch for up to 15 amp capacity auxiliary light control
• Simple, easy installation to amplifier and vehicle horn

• Slim, hexagonal shape for versatile installation options
• 100 watt, 11 ohms
• Integrated, universal mounting bracket design
• Black, corrosion-resistant metal structure
• Weighs only 6 lbs.
• No-hassle 1 year warranty

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