700-110 120VAC AC Strobe (Surface Mount)

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The model 700 MINI STROBE family is a single flash heavy duty strobe light featuring an all aluminum housing, flange mounting, 360° Lexan® lens, high efficiency regulated solid state power supply and a plug-in field replaceable heavy duty xenon strobe lamp. The 700–1274 will operate over 12–74VDC without making any changes or adjustments. DC models are UL component recognized for use on type E, EE, and ES electric industrial trucks covered by UL standard #583.

  • Aluminum housing
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Solid state power supply
  • Xenon strobe lamp
  • Available in amber, blue, clear, green, purple, and red
  • 2 year warranty on power supply
  • 1 year warranty on lamp
  • UL recognized (DC models only)
  • NEMA 3R
Architect and Engineer Specifications

The visual signaling beacon shall be Tomar model 700 or approved equal. The light source shall be a plug-in field replaceable single flash xenon strobe lamp and having a flash rate of 80 to 90 flashes per minute. Housing material shall be aluminum with a 360 degree Lexan® lens, and either flange, magnetic, or pipe mount. Voltage ranges shall be 12-74VDC, 120VAC, 120VDC, and 240VAC. Power supply output shall be 11 watts and generating either 8 or 15 joules per flash depending on the model. Strobe light shall be designed to accept a dome guard, 180 degree lens blackout, and straight or coiled cigar plug.

*ECP (Effective Candlepower) is the intensity that would appear to an observer if the light were burning steadily.
**Peak Candlepower is the maximum light intensity generated by a flashing light during its light pulse.


Model Description Voltage/Frequency
700–110–15J AC strobe, 15 joule 120VAC, 50/60HZ
700–110 AC strobe 120VAC, 50/60HZ
700–240 AC strobe 240VAC, 50/60HZ
700–1274 DC strobe, UL recognized 12 – 74VDC
700–120DC DC strobe, UL recognized 120VDC


Flash Rate 80 to 95 flashes per minute
Light Output 185 effective candlepower (ECP)* (8 Joules model)
360 effective candlepower (ECP)* (15 Joules model)
Voltage and Amperage 12-74VDC draws 1.25 A average @ 12VDC tapering to draws 0.2A average @ 74VDC
120VAC draws 0.17A average
120VDC draws 0.1A average
240VAC draws 0.12A average
Power Supply Output 11 Watts 8 joules model per flash. 800,000 peak candlepower**
15 joules model per flash. 1,500,000 peak candlepower**
Size and Weight 6” tall x 4.7” dia. x 1.3 lbs ( 152mm x 119mm x 0.58kg )


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