Triple Strobeswitch Assembly With 1790M-2 Power Module



Triple Strobeswitch Assembly with Power Module

The Model 2795-3 Triple STROBESWITCH™ is a compact low cost three-detector system which detects a special strobe light signal and opens access gates to allow quick entrance. The detector is activated by the strobe emitters used by most fire and police department emergency vehicles used to control traffic signals en route to an emergency. The three 1790–1014 STROBESWITCH™ detectors interface with the TOMAR or GTT OPTICOM® optical signal emitters. Each detector features a 1/2” female pipe hub mounting base.

The emergency vehicle uses a special strobe light to transmit a continuously flashing optical signal. The TOMAR 2795-3 STROBESWITCH™ receives this signal, and if the signal format is correct, activates a relay. The relay contacts may be used to control automatic security gates, fire department garage doors, and other devices. Signaling is optical by line of sight, and the 2795-3 can operate indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight, or in any weather. The unit is not susceptible to radio frequency interference, and uses digital frequency discrimination to reject unwanted signals, such as flashlights, emergency vehicle lighting systems, flashing signs, etc.

*OPTICOM is a registered trademark of the GTT Corporation.