Scorpion Beacon Dual Color - 24 LED


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The Scorpion Beacon

From a powerful light-bar comes a powerful Beacon.  Utilizing TOMAR’s patented hermetically sealed Scorpion modules and our Clear Vision Optics, the TOMAR Scorpion Beacon is unmatched in its rugged, reliable, and extremely powerful performance.  Built with a silver or black aluminum housing, and available with 6LED standard power; 12LED high power; or 24LED dual-color modules, the Scorpion Beacon can be customized to fit your build and budget.  No other Beacon is built like this, because no one else can do what TOMAR can.

  • SAE Class 1, all colors
  • Waterproof design
  • Single or dual color lamps
  • 1/2 inch female pipe mount
  • Optional cigar plug with magnet mount
  • Available in aluminum or black
  • 5 year warranty
Item Description
Size 9.63” dia. x 2.35” high – (224.6mm dia x 56.7mm high)
Electrical 12 VDC, 2.1 amps operation
Operating Environment -40°C – 65°C


NFPA Information

Scorpion Beacon NFPA Information Sheet

Scorpion Warning Beacon


Single Color Warning: BCN-CR1 Single color beacon, silver housing
BCN-CR1B Single color beacon, black housing
Dual Color Warning: BCN-CR2 Dual color beacon, silver housing
BCN-CR2B Dual color beacon, black housing

Color Choices: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, White


9.63” dia. x 2.35” high – (224.6mm dia x 56.7mm high)

Amp Draw (@12.8VDC):

Single Color     (50% Duty Cycle) 1.43 Amps
Dual Color       (Both Colors Flashing – 100% Duty Cycle) 2.86 Amps

Wiring Details:

Red +12Vdc
Black Ground
Orange Warning Mode 1
Blue Warning Mode 2
Orange & Blue Warning Mode 3
Red/White Alt Mode 1*
Brown/White Alt Mode 2*
Red/Wht & Brn/Wht Alt Mode 3*
Green Intensity Control
Brown Steady Burn

NFPA 1901 Cumulative Lamp Totals Candela Seconds per Minute Contributed to Each Zone

Lamp Color Single Double Neobe
Amber 400,690 200,345 280,483
Blue 402,410 201,205 281,687
Red 646,910 323,455 452,837
White 1,048,100 524,050 733,670

3D STEP Files

Scorpion Beacon Scorpion Beacon With Mounting Feet