SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical

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The SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical siren is the smallest full featured Mech tone siren on the market today. With its authentic Mechanical tone and replica “Stutter” Air Horn, the Cruiser Mechanical creates the perception of a large emergency vehicle approaching causing drivers to instinctively pull over. This effectiveness at clearing traffic is key to helping reduce call response time, emergency vehicle near misses, accidents, and injuries when en route to calls.

• Rugged 100/200 watt amplifier
• Reliable four position rotary switch features Radio-Repeat, Wail, Yelp, Phaser or optional Two-Tone/HiLo, and Mechanical siren tones with push-button override for Manual and “Stutter” Air Horn
• Dip switch programmable options allow siren to be customized for each installation
• Carson “Stutter” Air Horn provides that distinctive “Big Engine” air horn sound without the need for bulky air tanks and compressors
• Output indicator light for diagnostics
• Hands-free Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) enables siren tone selection through the horn ring for pursuit or rescue situations
• Noise canceling microphone with P.A. override
• Face accessible Radio and P.A. volume controls
• LED backlit for nighttime visibility
• Automatic Siren Cutout disables the siren when the driver’s door opens
• Detachable plug connector with screw-down terminals
• 28 volt option also available

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