Optional 120VAC Power Transformer For 1790M-2



Item Description
Range 200 feet typical, but depends on intensity of strobe emitter
Field of View 10º vertical, 90º horizontal
Signal Acquisition Time 0.64 seconds
Function Indicator The unit has a red LED that illuminates whenever a proper optical signal is received. The LED is visible thru the viewport and can be seen for 25 feet or more. This feature can be used with the optional Hand Held Tester to verify the unit’s operation.
Frequency F14 = 14.035 Hz ± .25 Hz ( high priority )
F10 = 10.000 Hz ± .25 Hz ( low priority )
1790M–2 Power Module 12–24VDC AC/DC
DPDT relay output 2A @ 30VDC, 0.6A @ 120VAC
0–30 minute time delay plus continuous latch mode
Remote reset