Triple-K 1822F Basic Ambulance Light Package

Basic Triple K 1822F Warning and Scene Lighting System – Pre-Programmed

$5,366.75 $5,963.05



Star of Life Ambulance Lighting Package – Basic

TOMAR offers package SKU PKG-EMS-KKK which provides the defined (14) warning lamps with chrome bezels and gaskets, in pre-programmed configuration for plug-and-play installation.  Included warning lights are pre-phased per the specification and flash at 75 flash-per-minute Single Flash, meeting the standards defined in section of GSA KKK-1822F.  This package conforms to the latest July 2021 revision of Star of Life Ambulance KKK-A-1822F.  This package does NOT require an additional external flash controller, and can also be used to update/relight an ambulance.  Sync-wires should be connected during installation to maintain flash timing.

In addition to the warning lamp requirements, this package also includes (6) Scene Lights with chrome bezels and gaskets for both sides and rear of the ambulance:

  • (2) x R79 7×9″ optically-angled tilt-down scene lights for each side of the vehicle (Zone B and D), (4) in total.
  • (2) x R37 3×7″ optically-angled tilt-down scene lights for the rear of the vehicle (Zone C).

*/**Note: This package SKU does not include optional front or rear warning lamps as proposed on KKK-A-1822F Specification, but can be added a-la-carte in the same pre-programmed fashion using the pre-programmed part numbers.