TRT Series 10″


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The TRT Series is TOMAR’s Tactical off-road bar, and combines TRX illumination with the incredible warning/emergency light power of the TOMAR Scorpion Light Bar; and it does all this from one bar.  Even in flashing warning mode, TRT meets current SAE, California Title 13, NFPA, and other guidelines on lighting safety.

About TOMAR’s Off-Road Light Bars:

Focused on those who protect us every day, TOMAR off-road bars are like nothing you have seen before.  We started with Cree® XPL LEDs for maximum lumen output and reliability.  The light from the LEDs is focused through our Clear Vision Optic (CVO) system which uses a hybrid total-internal-reflector (TIR) collimator over the LED, rather than a reflector behind the LED like other manufactures.  By doing this, TOMAR off-road bars are able to effectively project more of the LED’s lumens exactly where the light needs to go.  This means dramatically increased performance when compared to equal amounts of lumens, and less glare from stray vertical light.  It also gives TRX the ability to have fully dual-color SAE-compliant options.  Next, to battle the decrease in lumen output seen when a LED heats up, we used thermal material matched to a heavy-duty 6065-T5 aluminum heat-sink designed to effectively maintain light output performance over increased periods of usage.  This was especially important when working with agencies needing to rely on light bar performance for hours at a time.

From there, we seal the optics and electronics using our patented linear-vibration welding sealing process, protecting the components from dust and moisture, in one of three optical options: Spot, Flood, or Combination Spot/Flood.  The module layouts are then configured by user preference.  And because TOMAR’s off-road bars are modular, they can be serviced or adjusted by placing modules in different positions.

Like All TOMAR products, TRX is designed, engineered, assembled and serviced in our state of the art, ENERGY STAR certified factory located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Need only single or dual-color illumination?  See TOMAR TRX Series.  For marine use?  See TOMAR TRM Series. Need IR? Contact TOMAR today!


Catalog: TRX Offroad Brochure

Documentation: TRX Configuration Guide

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Spot Flood Composite
Part Number TRT-10C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-10C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-10C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-15C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-20C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-25C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-35C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-45C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-55C-IR-1B/(T) TRT-60C-IR-1B/(T)
Size 10″ 10″ 10″ 15″ 20″ 25″ 35″ 45″ 50″ 60″
Max Amp Draw 2.1 2.1 2.1 4.2 4.2 7.48 10.5 14.7 16.8 16.8
Peak Candela 72000 7630 10100 79630 79630 151,360 166,080 310,080 317,444 317,444
Raw Lumens 2760 2760 2760 5520 5520 8,280 13,800 19,320 19,320 22,080
Distance at 1 LUX 268 86 101 282 282 389 408 557 563 563
Distance at .25 LUX 537 172 201 564 564 778 815 1,114 1,127 1,127