970 Work Truck Lightbar

Choose your length, then choose between:
Lightbar only
Lightbar and analog controller
Lightbar and digital plug-and-play RJ45 controller




Safety for you and your Budget

You should never sacrifice safety.  That’s why TOMAR offers budget-friendly Scorpion Lightbar Packages designed to protect both you and your wallet.  Don’t worry, these are still highly-engineered, extremely durable and rugged, long-lasting and highly-visible lightbars.  Each one of these bars comes with:
-Front, side and rearward warning modules
-Programmable Flash-Patterns and Flash Rates
-Rear Traffic-Advisor with directional control – Left, right, center-out
-Extruded Aluminum Chassis with Mounting Kit for cab or headache-rack
-Patented, sealed modules for ease of service and reduced Cost of Ownership