2087 LED Confirmation Light Driver



TOMAR’s model 2087 LED Confirmation Light Driver is used with the model 2140, 3140 or 4140 Optical Signal Processor to provide drive signals to up to four 24 VDC LED confirmation lamps. The 2087 includes a separate 24 VDC power source for the LED lamps and the electronics necessary to switch the lamps.

The 2087 is mounted on a DIN rail and connects to the 2140, 3140 or 4140 via the front panel expansion port and receives LED control signals directly from the each of the OSP cards.

The 2087 is designed to be used with the TOMAR model 2097 Detector/LED Confirmation Light Assembly but can be used with any 24 VDC LED lamp that draws less than 250 mA. The 2087 LED drive outputs are short circuit proof and thermally protected. The 2087 requires 100-240 VAC.

The 2087 includes the OSP card interface cable and input power wire.