Possibly The Most Cost-Effective Solution to Achieve a Refreshed Fleet


Refreshing your Fleet

As technology improves, features and performance which wasn’t available decades, or even just years, is available today.  But this doesn’t mean your fleet has to commit only to new apparatus, fire trucks, rescues, or ambulances to get the safety benefits found with new technology.

In today’s world, new apparatus builds could mean your department is waiting years for new equipment to arrive.  Consideration should be made for updating old equipment versus replacing, or even in addition to new vehicles for departments needing fleet growth. 

In this example, instead of replacing this 1996 KME Engine, the volunteer fire department made the cost-effective decision to update the lighting to TOMAR’s modern standards:


What is Involved in a Relight/Remount?

TOMAR’s Revolution Series of light heads provide the latest in LED technology, while maintaining industry-standard 3×7”, 4×6”, or 7×9” bolt-patterns.  This means a new TOMAR Revolution Lamp can replace a similarly-sized lamp from even 30+ years ago, without the need to create more holes in the vehicle. 

Not only will the vehicle’s crew and public motorists benefit from the added safety of state-of-the-art warning optics, but the vehicle will benefit from less electrical draw.  Benefits include:

  • Longer range of the vehicle warning systems meaning safer responses to a crisis
  • Increased scene-light output
  • Less electrical strain which can increase repair costs
  • New, 5-year lamp warranty
  • Updated flash-patterns and a professional fleet look

In general, the following conditions are observed
when performing a relight:


How to Update - Halogen

When updating to LED, Halogen Warning and Scene Lights can utilize not only the existing bolt-holes, but could also benefit from using the existing wiring and switching if in serviceable condition.  Because LEDs draw less current, older, more robust halogen systems typically exceed the wire size requirements for LED.  With Revolution Series’ low amp-draw, upgrading is as simple as swapping light heads.


How to Update - STROBE

When updating to LED from strobe, the same wiring principals may apply as they do when updating from Halogen:  Because LEDs draw less current, older, more robust strobe systems typically exceed the wire size requirements for LED.  However, strobes utilize a high-voltage power supply and a 3-wire connection.  This means the power supplies will need to be removed from the vehicle, but the wiring can be retained.  An additional benefit to updating a 3-wired strobe system is the wiring already in place to utilize TOMAR Revolution SeriesDual-Mode capabilities, which use 3-wires.  This is a particularly significant upgrade in technology, and allows your fleet to add additional scene-lighting without adding additional lights.


Learn more about
dual-mode technology

Even an older apparatus or ambulance can benefit from the advancements in TOMAR’s Dual-Mode Lamps.  Let us show you the difference between Dual-Mode and dual-color.


Make the change now

Making the decision to relight/remount your apparatus or ambulance can be the single, most effective cost-saving upgrade you can due to improve fleet reliability and safety.

Updating to TOMAR’s LED Revolution Series is as easy a 1, 2, 3!

What you will need:

  1. Gather the details on the lamp sizes you wish to replace: 3×7”, 4×6”, or 7×9”
  2. Define the use of these lamps and their colors:
    1. Will they be Warning Lights Only?
    2. Will they be Scene Lights Only?
    3. Will they be Dual-Mode Warning and Scene Lights?
    4. Will they be DOT Lights, such as Stop/Tail or Turn Lights?
  3. Order your new LED TOMAR Revolution Lamps and Bezels from!

Whether your department is updated halogen, strobe, or even old LED, your department should contact a qualified, certified ASE Technician to review the scope of your install.  TOMAR can assist with locating one of these technicians if needed.

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Relighting Doesn’t Stop with
Warning and Scene Light-heads!

TOMAR’s Fire and EMS solutions offer a complete suite of options, including full-size Lightbars up to 80”; LED Traffic-Directors; Ground Lights; Pole-Mounted LED 12-volt Scene Lights; and Brow Lights.  Replacing these items may have just as much of a benefit, and can complete the updated look of your fleet vehicles.  In most cases, the same low-draw benefits can be seen when upgrading to these modern solutions.


Add Traffic Priority Preemption with Ease

In addition to Warning and Scene Lights, TOMAR’s Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbars can seamlessly integrate TOMAR’s top-performing STROBECOM II Traffic Priority Preemption Emitters into a vehicle which didn’t have this technology before, or one with less-effective preemption.  When ordered in a lightbar, TOMAR’s emitters are complexly self-contained and operated by the lightbar itself; and deactivated automatically when in Blocking Mode.

This Ambulance from Mercy San Diego was updated to TOMAR Revolution Series and TOMAR 975 Scorpion Half-bar with built-in Traffic Priority Preemption Emitter without any significant changes to the vehicle: