A Traffic Director for Any Need​

975L Arrow Bars – Designed for Service or Airport Vehicles, this large, modular multi-directional arrow provides long-range visibility and a waterproof design, utilizing our 970 Series sealed lamps.

975 Half Bar – When maximum visibility is needed on the rear of a vehicle, the 975 Half Bar provides the performance of a full 360-degree overhead Scorpion or Black Widow Lightbar, in a bar which can be mounted on a vertical surface or posts.

LStick Traffic Director – A extremely bright, long-range traffic director and warning bar in a sleek package.  When rearward real-estate is at a premium, this attractive bar in either a silver or black anodized finish will exceed your expectations.  Like both versions of the 975, this bar utilizes a modular design, but with your choice of RECT-13 or RECT-14 lamps.

TRT TA – Looking for a warning, traffic, and scene light all from one bar?  Look no further than the TRT TA.  The first of its kind, this bar harnesses the power of our TRX and TRT white light output, and combines it with the warning and traffic directing abilities of the above-mentioned half-bars.  The perfect Zone C option for Wildland Fire Apparatus, but can be used anywhere you need it!

975L Arrow Bars