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When Tomar engineers sat down at the drawing board to develop a new LED Warning and Illumination Series, we asked for feedback from the fire and rescue industry. We heard the same thing over and over; “our warning lights have water in them!” Having to remove a ladder truck or ambulance from service is no easy task. It creates community-wide chaos, reduces the number of resources that are available to serve the community, and pressures fleet managers to divert attention away from priority projects to fix a failed product.

We learned over the years that hydrocarbons, such as the waxes and soaps used to wash the truck, break down the lens material and cause micro-fractures in the lens. This is focused around the high-stress areas in and around the mounting holes. These micro-fractures allow water vapor to enter the lamp and then condense inside causing the lamp to fail.

The first generations of Tomar’s patented sealing technology had the seal very near the perimeter of the lamp. Although they were some of the most reliable lamps in the industry, we wanted an answer to the industry-wide problem with an even better solution. So, we did it!

The Revolution Warning and Illumination Series use the same patented sealing technology that our previous generation of warning lamps uses, but by moving the seal location inboard and beyond the mounting hole area, when this micro-fracture occurs, water cannot enter the sealed area of the warning lamp. These powerful and smartly designed Revolution Series LED lights were so good, that EMS World just awarded them one of the most Innovative Products of 2017!

How does this simple design feature benefit you? Your vehicle stays in service, your warning lights are always functioning and in proper compliance, and you save time and money in costly repairs that weren’t your fault, to begin with! In a nutshell, your safety increases and the chaos doesn’t!

The best part is these lamps are available to mount on your new apparatus and easily adapt to existing 3×7, 4×6, and 7×9 lamp mounts to update what you already have.

Increase your safety – Decrease your cost of ownership by learning more and check out our Revolution Warning and Illumination LED lights today!


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