Why do we need another lightbar?

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A potential distributor asked me an excellent question recently:  Why do we need another lightbar?

Well, the answer is: you don’t. If all TOMAR could offer is another low profile, bright, programmable, multi-color, plastic lightbar it wouldn’t be worth your time. And let’s face it, that’s what the industry has ground down to. Lightbars have nearly become commoditized. There really isn’t that much difference between any of the leading brands. And really, a commodity isn’t much fun to buy or sell because it all comes down to price. When is the last time you got excited about finding a great deal on salt?

For instance, let’s talk about brightness of a warning light.  Having served with TOMAR in the Emergency Vehicle Lighting industry for the last 26+ years, I know it used to be that some lightbars were brighter than others.  In the strobe days, TOMAR led the industry in light intensity with its NEOBE technology.  TOMAR’s NEOBE lightbars had a discernible advantage in dwell time and overall intensity as compared to the closest competitors.  But as the market has evolved into the LED age, initial light intensity isn’t that big of a deal.  Let’s face it, out of the box, nearly everyone is bright, or at least bright enough.  When it comes to lightbar intensity in these days, it kinda reminds me of that line from the movie Wall Street when Bud Fox asks Gordon Gekko, “How many yachts can you water-ski behind?” The same thing goes with program-ability, low profile, etc. etc.  Everyone is doing it so what difference does it make?

So buyers should just be looking for the lowest price like you’d do with any commodity, right?  Not so fast plastic lightbar man!

At TOMAR, we are offering something unmatched in its design and functionality.  Our Scorpion lightbar is a vital part of your Envelope of Safety (EOS) with a reliability and ease-of-use unsurpassed due to its unique design.  First, with an all aluminum I-Beam extrusion, it can take a pounding that other lightbars can’t handle.  Brutal sun in your area (we are in Arizona so we know brutal sun!)?  No problem.  No fading plastic shell in the Scorpion and the module lenses are recessed behind a protective aluminum lip providing protective shade from the sun.  Tree limbs?  Hail?  Neither of these would destroy the Scorpion like they would an all plastic lightbar. Secondly, with the LED modules on the outside of the extrusion, in the rare occurrence you may need to replace an LED lamp, it’s a three-minute job.  No sealed domes to open.  No gaskets to align when putting the bar back together.  No worries about water getting inside your “sealed” lightbar after you’ve had to open it up.  No taking a vehicle out of service for half a day or longer just to service a single lamp.

So while plastic might be great to have on Black Friday, it doesn’t do much for your long term safety. Check out TOMAR Electronics today, or better yet, give your local Solutions Manager a call and take a look in person at the TOMAR Difference and how TOMAR is working hard to protect both First Responders and the public with the Envelope of Safety.

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