The Tomar WILDLAND Package Series

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An NFPA compliant apparatus safety package for the Wildland Fire Apparatus that adheres the to the Envelope of Safety Element

When traditional firefighting meets off-road, your job gets more demanding. The TOMAR Wildland Package Series exceeds that demand while increasing your safety, saving your budget, and allowing your vehicle to stay in service longer, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The TOMAR Wildland Package exceeds NFPA and conforms to the Envelope of Safety™


Once your TOMAR warning lights let you arrive safely to the Wildland they go beyond any other warning light you’ve ever known. What purpose would they serve flashing? While they may warn rodents and wildlife of danger, those animals likely fled before you got the call. Do you need warning lights while you’re trying to fight the fire 2 miles off any roadway? No! You need light to safely illuminate the scene around you so you can aggressively attack the fire that threatens the safety of the Wildland Community. The TOMAR warning light is the only light that transforms beyond an NFPA compliant warning light to a functional work light with the flip of a switch. It’s Revolutionary!

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