Signal Application Tips for Pulp and Paper Mills

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This is part of our new Blog Series…Signal Application Tips by Industry.  We hope you find these helpful in determining how and where to use Tomar Signaling Products. 

Pulp and Paper Mills are typically environments with a highly corrosive atmosphere.  Chemical tanks, particularly with chlorine are common.  With the chlorine there is usually the danger of chlorine gas release, and therefore outdoor warning sirens are commonly in place for evacuation warning.

Indoor areas are also very hazardous, particularly the chipper de-barking machine.  A signal is needed for warning of start-up or problems in this area.  There are typically numerous cranes, conveyors, and paper-roller mechanisms.  These also use start-up or problem notification signaling, either a light or an audible tone.

Where wood is stored there is always a fire danger, so again evacuation signals are needed.

Paper and Pulp Mills have many loud machine areas.  Signaling here should either be high volume signaling or strobe lighting to attract attention.

If boxes are being made, they use adhesives, which means more chemicals utilized and stored, which also means more hazardous risks and safety signals required.

In summary, both warning (fire and chemical leak evacuation) signals, process (conveyor, crane, or machine start-up/problems) signaling and basic plant-wide alert functions are used in paper and pulp mills.  We normally recommend Division 2 products such as the 4375, 490S-T, or similar model.  If an audible device is warranted then the CID1 1002WEP can be utilized.  These models are built to withstand the corrosive atmosphere.  Options for non-classified areas include a heavy duty light such as the Power Strobe or 800 series strobes.  This equipment will increase safety against chemical and fire hazards, and improve the processes and productivity of the mill.

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