Signal Application Tips for Oil Refineries

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This is the first in our new Blog Series…Signal Application Tips by Industry.  We hope you find these helpful in determining how and where to use Tomar Signaling Products. 

Signals are initiated via outputs from alarm panels whose inputs will be sensors for hazards such as: fire, gas detection, ruptured lines, unsafe pressure levels, flow indication, and unsafe tank level.  The atmosphere usually contains significant amounts of sulfur or hydrocarbons.   Tomar CID1 and CID2 equipment is also rated NEMA 4X and so suitable for such corrosive and explosion proof environments.

Storage areas typically have sulfuric acid or hydrogen fluoride – what are the plant’s plans if there is a leak of these hazardous materials?

Signals such as a Microstrobe or MicroLERT are typically used on control panels in the Command Center.

Small self-contained systems utilizing a 1002WEP are used in plant subsystems such as the refining unit, in small gas detection systems, lube plant, tar plant, etc.

Outdoor classified areas can also be covered with the 1002WEP.  Multiple units may be required depending on ambient noise, but each can generate a different tone to differentiate from the existing sounds as may be produced by machinery and process equipment.

Strobes are used to supplement audible signals in high noise areas (explosion proof or hazardous location units as required).

Another emergency area is the dock.  Warning equipment is used to notify of accidents in loading/unloading of materials.

On engineering specification Tomar products can be listed variably under Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire/Gas Safety Systems and Communications.

For illumination applications the model TLX7240 LED explosion proof light provides long life and energy-saving benefits.

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