Signal Application Tips for Automotive Sector

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This is part of our new Blog Series…Signal Application Tips by Industry.  We hope you find these helpful in determining how and where to use Tomar Signaling Products. 

The main use is for process applications.  There is a large opportunity in the automotive sector for the 440 Microstack, and LED Microstack.  Typically these are usually 3 or more modules high to act as status indication signals. Microstacks are usually panel mounted since this is where the controls are and additional wiring is kept to a minimum.  Microstacks can indicate machines on/off, call for parts, faults, tooling changes, etc.  Audible changes are also paired with the LED Microstacks to indicate particular high level faults (i.e., line is down), or dangerous situations to emphasize the Microstack indicator.

Any of the 800 series strobes will have similar applications, but have a different effect.  An operator will take notice if one of these lights is activated, while the same operator may not notice a Microstack or MicroLED if their back is to the light.  The high-power light of an 800 series strobe  bounces and is reflected by nearby machinery as well as other surfaces, and is, therefore, more noticeable.

The only area where Division 1 or 2 explosion proof equipment is needed is in the Paint Shop, and in the Fuel Depot in manufacturing plants.  Here the equipment is usually used in a leak detection system.

The 1000 series Power Alarm can be utilized in plant-wide evacuation systems delineating different situations, such as fire, weather alerts, and work start/dismissal with different tones.  Multiple tone capability allows for installations in production subsystems where 5-10 units will be tied together on a single large machine performing multiple operations.

Robots usually use a visual or audible awareness signal, such as a LED Microstack or MicroLED.  An 800 series strobe, and/or the appropriate audible signal to indicate start-up.  Strobes work well because they are less susceptible to failures caused by vibrations.  You would be surprised by the number of incandescent based rotating lights still in use.  Presses usually have some sort of safety signal tied into a system that detects hands, arms, etc., near the pressing mechanism.  Control panels use signals that indicate start/stop/status and occurrence of any kind of problems.

Visual signals are signals of choice in many auto plants as they are high noise environments and audible signals can be hard to hear.

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