Respect the Tow Truck Driver

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A most freighting fact is, that one tow truck driver is killed every six days. This sad statistic is a higher number than for both law enforcement officers, and firefighters.

Forty-three states now have a “Move Over Law” that require motorists to move over and change lanes for safe clearance, to any stationary vehicle with flashing or warning lights. This now includes tow trucks. 

One of the most leading causes of tow truck accidents was the failure to yield right of way. According to resources, detailed on the list of tow truck accidents are misjudging the distance to a vehicle and defective equipment.

The warning or safety lighting should not be considered defective equipment on your tow truck. When trucks are equipped with adequate warning lights, the vehicle can be seen from a safer distance. Therefore, giving drivers approaching from both directions the opportunity to Move Over and give both trucks, and the drivers the respect they deserve. After all, in most states, tow truck operators are considered as first responders.

Tomar Electronics is looking forward to working with the Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association to refine the Envelope of Safety (EOS) lighting requirements for all towing professionals.

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