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For 30 years users of Tomar Strobecom optical EVP systems have enjoyed the most reliable and cost-effective way for municipalities to enhance the safety and speed of emergency vehicle response.  Constant research and development and feature development has made the Tomar 4000 Series Strobecom hardware the best ever.

Now Tomar offers a way for agencies using older Opticom* signal format EVP equipment to experience that same level of economy and performance as Strobecom users do.  Perfect for expansion or maintenance of existing Opticom* EVP systems, Tomar Electronics OSPOC optical signal processors and DETOC optical detectors are Opticom*-compatible replacement components for bringing 21st century optical EVP performance without abandoning your existing infrastructure or investment.

Tomar OSPOC is a plug and play compatible replacement for 200, 500, and 700 series Opticom* phase selectors.  Using our latest patented optical detection and advanced digital signal processing technology (US patent 9711045, Tomar OSPOC/DETOC has the longest LED emitter range, and the highest degree of solar radiation rejection and noise immunity, to make sure your responders receive enhanced right-of-way quickly and reliably at any time of the day or night from as far away as they need.

Want to add to an existing Opticom* system but don’t need the expense of converting to a dual optical/GPS based system? Using Tomar OSPOC/DETOC you can seamlessly and economically add to your existing system without being forced to pay for expensive hardware features that will sit unused in your traffic cabinet. As your older Opticom* equipment fails, simply replace it with the corresponding OSPOC/DETOC components to keep your system running AND improving.

Tomar T792HL emitters send out the most powerful Opticom* format signal of any available emitter.  Standalone or incorporated into Tomar emergency lighting equipment, Tomar emitters offer no-compromise performance.

To get the very best value when expanding or maintaining your agencies optical EVP system, contact your Tomar authorized preemption distributor for more information today!

See more about our specific STROBECOM products via this link.

*OPTICOM and GTT are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC and are not affiliated with Tomar Electronics, Inc. or its products. Tomar does not manufacture GTT Opticom equipment.  GTT Opticom equipment is manufactured by Global Traffic Technologies, LLC. 

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