High-Temperature Illumination

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You may have thought that LED lighting wasn’t an option for your high-temperature illumination needs.  Now thanks to Tomar TLB96 line of high-temperature luminaires you can finally say goodbye to those outdated MH and HPS lights.

Tomar’s no-compromise line of high-bay luminaires are engineered to provide many years of uninterrupted service in even the harshest environments.  Guaranteed for a full 10 years, these ruggedized luminaires are made to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 167° F (75° C).  Imagine the savings in downtime and maintenance costs of not needing to re-lamp for a full 10 years!  And this is on top of energy savings of 25% to 70%. 

As you can imagine illuminating any facility with such high-temperature needs presents particularly demanding challenges. Most such plants today still rely on metal halide fixtures for illumination.  Most LED luminaires on the market are not rated for high-temperature environment and therefore fail to deliver the promised long life advantages of an LED light source.

Tomar TLB96 LED luminaire is the only fixture on the market today that can withstand the high ambient temperatures present in steel mills, glass plants, and similar severe environments.

We invite you to see additional product details and learn even more about our High Bay Luminaires.

Explore The Envelope of Safety™ that articulates the potential elements of risk surrounding any given set of hazardous situations – from the single individual at risk to the entire plant. By designing and engineering our products with the Envelope of Safety™ at top of mind, Tomar Electronics builds products that help to mitigate risk for all elements of the EOS™.  The Envelope of Safety™ is your assurance as a customer that you are buying state of the art, rugged and long-lasting products designed and manufactured specifically with your safety in mind.

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