Choosing the Right Scene Light Optic

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How to choose the right scene light optics:

13-Degree Down-Angled: Designed as the ‘ideal’ scene light, these optics are similar to the Flood option, but allow a flat, surface-mounted scene light to shine down and illuminate the ground next to the mounting surface in a wide, 85-degree beam pattern.  This is the proper choice when selecting upper zone scene lighting on an apparatus or ambulance.

Flood: With a diffused lens, the Flood optic sends light out at an 85-degree horizontal spread for maximum area coverage.  These optics project light straight out from the light-head, similar to a warning light optic, and do not point down or up.

Spot: The Spot optic also projects light straight out from the light-head similar to the Flood optic.  Since it is not diffused, the Spot optic sends the light at approximately 6.5 degrees, for a high-intensity focus of light.

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