Audible Signals to Overcome High Noise

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Sometimes louder isn’t always better! So how do you overcome high ambient noise to send your workers an audible message?

In which areas can you use a general plant signal that overcomes existing dB levels?  In which areas do you need a contrasting sound for a general warning?

And remember, in some high noise areas, the audible signal needs to be both louder and contrasting in order for it to convey the warning message you are trying to get across.

For example, to signal evacuation, a conventional siren sound may be loud enough to overcome high noise.  However, sometimes a sound dissimilar from that of the surroundings, even though perhaps not much louder, may contrast the area’s noise well enough to cut through…. thus making it a good choice for telling people to “shut down and take cover”, anywhere in your plant.

In short, you don’t always need to be above the ambient noise to effectively convey a warning message, sometimes a contrasting sound will do.

Flameproof LED Beacon

BEx Products:
The BEx product range features enclosures manufactured from corrosion proof, marine grade copper free LM6 aluminum with a chromate and powder coat finish. These are offered in 5, 10, 15, and 21-joule configurations, as well as LED. A horn-strobe, horn-LED, plus a 32-tone alarm sounder complete the BEx family offering.

GNEx Products:
The GNEx product range is manufactured of IP66 rated corrosion proof GRP enclosures. Visual and audible models include 10 and 15-joule strobe lights, LED, plus a 117 dB 64-tone alarm sounder.

D1x Products:
The D1x product range of UL listed, CSA approved corrosion-resistant copper-free aluminum visual and audible models are available in horn-strobe, horn-LED, multi-tone sounders and high-output speaker configurations.

These new world-products, plus our existing time-tested core models mean that TOMAR truly is your one-stop source for all your industrial signaling needs. Additionally, TOMAR’s 50+ years of engineering leadership means that reliability is built into everything we do.

We invite you to see additional product details on our Explosion and Flameproof Signaling.

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