, INFRARED LIGHTS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.TOMAR’s multi-function TRX and TRT Infrared (IR) Series is the answer to industrial-strength, flexible lighting solutions, optimized for military and government applications. With the ability to combine White; Amber; and IR light in the TRX Series; and White: IR: and Warning light in the TRT Series, TOMAR has the high-strength solution needed to accomplish the mission. These off-road light bars are designed and built to be both extremely rugged and reliable for the United States Military; Special Forces; DoD; and First Responders. For flexibility to meet the mission parameters of varying assets, TOMAR has engineered two sets of multi-function infrared light bars:

TRX INFRARED (IR) SERIES: Illumination Line – White, Amber, Infrared

, INFRARED LIGHTS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.The TRX Line is focused on illumination. This bar functions in nearly and environment you can think of, with its ability to adapt to the surroundings. Featuring intense white light for clear conditions; full amber-override for reduced glare in fog, rain, dust, smoke, etc. and 940nm infrared light for covert operations.

Group 1 – all white lights steady burn
Group 2 – all IR lights steady burn
Group 3 – all amber lights steady burn (all modules, override priority)
Group 4 – all amber lights flash (all modules)

TRT INFRARED (IR) SERIES: Warning Line – White, Warning, Infrared

, INFRARED LIGHTS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.The TRT Line is about mission adaptability between warning and illumination. This bar maintains the ability to project intense white light or 940nm infrared light; but can also function as a SAE-compliant warning light bar, which also meets CA Title 13 standards for 50-state compliance.


Group 1 – all white lights steady burn (override priority)
Group 2 – all IR lights steady burn
Group 3 – all warning lights flash (all modules) with optional California-steady
Group 4 – all warning modules steady burn (all modules)

Never before has a more rugged; more reliable; and more versatile off-road light bar been engineered for those who serve. TOMAR stands behind our products, just like we stand behind you.

  • Multi-function modes individually activated: -TRT gives all-modules SAE compliant warning in steady burn or up-to 20 programmable flash patterns, each with 8 selectable flash rates; intense white light for illumination; or stealth illumination with IR
  • Field-interchangeable lamp modules
  • Heavy-duty 6063-T5 aluminum chassis
  • Programmable flash patterns meet 50-state compliance
  • IP69K Rating for water and dust-proof components
  • Available in lengths: 6″, 10″, 15″, 20″, 25″, 30″ 35″, 40″, 45″, 50″, and 60″
  • Rugged anodize finish
  • Patented linear vibration welded light modules eliminate the need for failure-prone rubber sealing agent
  • Current draw: .85 amps @ +12.8VDC per IR module .46 amps @ +24VDC per IR module
  • Projected beam angles:
    -Visible light Spot 6.5°, Flood 85°
    -IR light Spot 8.5°, Flood 90°

TOMAR’s RECT-14 IR Series: Embodies four 850nm high power IR emitters.  The 4.5″ light heads are the perfect size to allow for that “fit-anywhere” design appearance, with a full array of mounting bracket options available to meet your installation needs.

The RECT-14 IR Series warning lights deliver huge impact in a small footprint, with tons of user selectable flash patterns. RECT-14 IR Series lights are made with optical Lexan and hermetically sealed creating a solid single piece structure that is built to last! Additionally, these lights are available for mounting on top of a Scorpion or Black Widow Lightbar for vehicle/asset identification from the air.

Features and Benefits:

  • 4 ultra-high high power 850nm LEDs
  • Multiple user selectable flash patterns
  • Full array of mounting bracket options
  • Five Year warranty

Learn More About Infrared Lights:

Infrared radiation (IR), or infrared light, is a type of radiant energy that is invisible to human eyes but that we can feel as heat. Infrared waves have longer wavelengths than visible light and can pass through dense areas with less scattering and absorption. Thus, infrared energy can also reveal objects that cannot be seen in visible light or dark conditions.


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