, Industrial Product Data Sheets, TOMAR Electronics Inc. – All documents are in PDF format.

Visual Signals
LED Microstack
440 Microstack
Micro IV
500P Micro Lite
550P Micro Lite II
700 Mini Strobe
700-15J Mini Strobe
801 Mini I Strobe
804 Maxi I Strobe
8024 Mini Lite I
824 Multi Strobe
2000XL LED Hazardous Location Warning Light
3000 ML/RML Power Strobe
3200/3300 ML/RML Power Strobe
3200HP & 3200HP/RML Power Strobe
7120R Power Strobe
490S-T Strobe
4000X Hazardous Location Strobe
4374S Supervised DC Strobe
4375L LED
4375S Strobe
3150/3200/3300 BEP Strobe
7120 BEP Strobe
3000 Series Explosion-Proof LED Warning Light
7000 Series Explosion-Proof LED Warning Light
BExBG05 Xenon Beacon
BExBG10 Xenon Beacon
BExBG15 Xenon Beacon
BExBG21 Xenon Beacon
BExBGL Explosion-Proof LED Status Light and Beacon
GNExB2X10 Xenon Strobe Beacon
GNExB2X15 Xenon Strobe Beacon
GNExB2L Explosion-Proof LED Multifunction Beacon
Audible Signals
Fire Alarm Pull Stations
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