the most functional
dual and tri-color LED light
in the industry

Dominate your safety using warning, illumination, and design! The iLED™ series delivers unprecedented functionality in an extremely rugged platform unlike anything else in the industry. It provides the best option to keep you and your team safe, even in the worst lighting conditions. Adaptable for a variety of applications from POVs to tactical vehicles. Respond to and Illuminate the scene with the brightest of lights to provide your team with an Envelope of Safety™.


Intelligent design

Take control of each color with the ability to program up to 3 separate warning modes that you can have correspond to your primary warning with the iLED™. Each mode has the ability to incorporate single, dual, or tri color functions with the built in scene/work/alley override.  Utilizing our patented sealing technology, your lamp will be waterproof and the light directed where you want it without the need for additional bracketry.

(US patent no. 8282242 & 8092044)


  • Black or Chrome surface mount bezels
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty
  • Patented Waterproof Design
  • SAE and CA 13 Compliant
  • Programmable Patterns and Flash Rates
  • Sync with other TOMAR products
  • Program up to 3 different warning modes
  • Programmable single color override
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Warning light function

Safely traversing through busy intersections is a bold move and your lighting should be just as bold! The new iLED™ effectively provides dual and tri color options for your response including on scene safety! Whether on a push bumper, license plate bracket, or anywhere else on the vehicle, the iLED™ will provide an element of safety! The iLED™ includes a black or chrome bezel for a finished, professional look and that  also make the installation easy!


Illumination function

The iLED™ is multi modal with a work/scene light override feature. Connect this function to your respective alley, take-down, or flood lighting to illuminate areas that would not have been illuminated before! We will give you the lighting you need to keep you and your community safe.

ILED Series


iLED Lamp NFPA Information Sheet

Warning Lamps:

Dual Color Warning:     
RECT-SDH-**                   Dual Color Warning, Clear Lens, Horizontal Mount
RECT-SDH13-**               Dual Color Warning, Clear Lens, Horizontal Mount, 13° Down Angle
RECT-SDV-**                   Dual Color Warning, Clear Lens, Vertical Mount
RECT-SDV13-**               Dual Color Warning, Clear Lens, Vertical Mount, 13° Down Angle

Triple Color Warning:
RECT-STH-***                 Triple Color Warning, Clear Lens, Horizontal Mount
RECT-STH13-***             Triple Color Warning, Clear Lens, Horizontal Mount, 13° Down Angle
RECT-STV-***                  Triple Color Warning, Clear Lens, Vertical Mount
RECT-STV13-***             Dual Color Warning, Clear Lens, Vertical Mount, 13° Down Angle

Color Choices:                Amber, Blue, Green Red, White

Lamp Bezels:
RECT-SX-BLACK              Black Lexan Bezel for iLed Lamp
RECT-SX-CHROME         Chrome Coated ABS Bezel for iLed Lamp


Wiring Details:

BLACK                                Connect to GROUND
YELLOW                            Sync/Enter Programming Mode/Pattern Select
RED                                    Mode 1 flash pattern
BLUE                                  Mode 2 flash pattern
RED & BLUE                      Mode 3 flash pattern
WHITE                               Steady Burn

Amp Draw:

Mode                                                                                                   12.8 Vdc
Steady Blue                                                                                       0.75A
Steady Red                                                                                        0.57A
Steady White                                                                                    0.78A
Mode 1 default (neobe 150 phase 0, Red LED)                        0.21A
Mode 2 default (neobe 75 phase 0, Blue LED)                         0.28A
Mode 3 default (single 120 phase 0, White LED)                    0.40A

NFPA 1901 Cumulative Lamp Totals Candela Seconds per Minute: