Since the birth of modern day video tolling, sector control, and parking access, TOMAR Electronics has engineered and manufactured xenon and LED based flash sources for some of the largest video ETC providers, deployed on some of the world’s largest highways.

Providing compete lighting solutions, Tomar tailors is proven power supplies and light heads to your field of view, flash duration, flash rate, and flash energy needs.

For example, a major builder and operator of turn-key video tolling and enforcement installations needed to solve a problem. How to capture diverse vehicle license plates, with nearly 100% reliability, from all 50 US states, with enough clarity to capture the plate numbers using optical character recognition from a gantry above the roadway, on vehicles traveling up to 120 mph?

TOMAR collaborated with this partner to adapt our proven technology base to the task. A high-speed, powerful, redundant, flash illumination system was designed to permit real-time stop-motion photography of the moving vehicles’ plates.

Manufactured in Tomar’s ISO9001 certified production facility the resultant solution is in service on thousands of lanes of video ETC across America.

With in-house engineering and manufacturing at our Gilbert, AZ facility, TOMAR has been providing custom solutions for difficult lighting problems for nearly 50 years.  Do you have a video capture lighting problem that needs a solution?  Let TOMAR Electronics design and build a solution for you!

About TOMAR Electronics: TOMAR Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems. Located in Gilbert, AZ, TOMAR has designed and manufactured highly reliable and efficient LED and strobe light systems for more than 40 years. For more information, please visit