Envelope of Safety

TOMAR is the ONLY Single Electronics Manufacturer Who Can Provide You An Entire Suite of Safety Solutions When Responding to a Crisis.
That's the Envelope of Safety™

Envelope of Safety

Safety. First.

Everything in TOMAR’s Envelope of Safety focuses on reducing risk for everyone involved in a crisis.  When responding to an emergency, a fire truck, ambulance, or police car is involved in the single most hazardous situation on the job.  Whether you’re the first responder in the vehicle; the pedestrian walking in front of the station; a motorist on the roadway; or the person in need of immediate help; YOUR safety is the focus of EOS.

When ONE company can manufacture Warning, Illumination, and all Traffic Preemption Components, YOU benefit from added safety while reducing costs. 

Envelope of Safety

From Leaving to Arriving

From the second the 911 call is received, to the second you step foot on scene, time is of the essence.  Modern technology allows for First Responders to have priority access to the roadway, but in most cases, these systems are often outdated, incompatible, expensive, or simply just not available.

TOMAR’s Suite of EOS Solutions is a one-stop-shop to source everything your department needs for Emergency Vehicle Code-3 Driving.  EOS allows you to reduce risk, liability, and costs to your city or department.

Envelope of Safety

exiting the station

The model FSEMIT Fire Station Emitter System provides a way for emergency vehicles leaving a fire station to preempt nearby traffic intersections and clear traffic blocking the roadway in front of the fire station.

Actuated by a push button as the emergency responders prepare and man the emergency vehicle, the FSEMIT sends an emitter signal to the nearby intersection for the user configurable period of time. The nearby intersection is preempted and congested traffic in front of the station exit that might impede the emergency vehicle entry on to the roadway is cleared as the emergency vehicle prepares to leave the station.

The FSEMIT can be actuated by any normally open push button. A built in timer operates the emitter for a selected period of time and then automatically shuts off the emitter.

Optionally a TOMAR StrobeSwitch can be used instead of a push button to automatically activate the FSEMIT from the vehicle emitter signal without manual activation.

Envelope of Safety

requesting the right-of-way

TOMAR’s Emergency Vehicle Lights such as the Scorpion and Black-Widow Lightbars, and Revolution Series Lightheads, employ state-of-the-art optics to “send” their flashing warning lights at a longer range.  This gives motorists the ability to yield from a longer distance.

Envelope of Safety

Go Green in the intersection

TOMAR STROBECOM II is an Optical Traffic Preemption System, and includes all the solutions needed to request Green Lights for your whole response:

  • Vehicle-mounted STROBECOM II Infrared Emitters provide over 2,500 feet of distance for traffic signal priority.  They are either freestanding, or come integrated into TOMAR Lightbars.
  • STROBECOM II Detectors and Optical Signal Processors, OSPs, at the intersections detect either TOMAR-brand Emitters, or GTT Opticom* emitters, to begin the preemption process and provide a green-light to the emergency vehicle.

*GTT and Opticom are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC.

Dual Strobeswitch Assembly With 1790M-2 Power Module

Envelope of Safety

Immediate access through automatic gates

TOMAR STROBESWITCH™ allows first responders to open automatic gates at residential & commercial properties as they approach for immediate access and without having to exit their vehicle.  This can greatly reduce response times so that first responders can save lives and/or property.  The STROBESWITCH Detector receives the signal from a vehicle-mounted optical emitter.

In some areas, City Code calls for TOMAR STROBESWITCH™, as it can save precious time in a crisis.

Recessed Performance Scene Lighting

Envelope of Safety

See the scene. calm the chaos.

At the scene, you need to be able to see what you’re doing, and perform with as little distraction and the highest amount of safety.  TOMAR’s Revolution Series surface-mounted Scene Lights and Dual-Mode Warning Lights provide the white scene light you need to get the job done, and save the day.  Keeping the light where it’s intended to go, and keeping flashing lights away from your eyes when working around the emergency vehicle.

Envelope of Safety

We've Got your six

From City Manager, to First Responder, to Private Citizen, TOMAR has you covered.  With cost-saving solutions, and the best Traffic Preemption Warranty in the industry, EOS is almost as much about protecting budgets as it is about protecting lives.  TOMAR understands these solutions make up a small portion of a city, county, or department’s budget, and when you package them all from one source, the numbers don’t lie.

Contact TOMAR to start discussing how you can start protecting your employees, citizens, and budget, today.