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Triple-K to custom

TOMAR offers packages for Ambulances from the GSA KKK-A-1822F Standard to any custom combination of our highly-customizable, Dual-Mode-capable Revolution Series.


Braun Rescue From
Ten-8 Fire and Safety

US General Services Administration (GSA) Star-of-Life Ambulance KKK-A-1822F Specification (2021 revision)

TOMAR offers package SKU PKG-EMS-KKK which provides the defined (14) warning lamps with chrome bezels and gaskets, in pre-programmed configuration for plug-and-play installation.  These warning lights are pre-phased and flash at 75 flash-per-minute Single Flash, meeting the standards defined in section of GSA KKK-A-1822F.

This package also includes (6) Scene Lights with chrome bezels and gaskets: (2) R79 7×9″ optically-angled tilt-down scene lights for each side of the vehicle (Zone B and D); and (2) R37 3×7″ optically-angled tilt-down scene lights for the rear of the vehicle (Zone C).

*/**Note: This package SKU does not include optional front or rear warning lamps, but they can be added a-la-carte in the same pre-programmed fashion.

Alternatively, TOMAR offers a streamline Pre-Programmed Triple K Package in SKU PKG-EMS-01, which eliminates the need for (6) separate Scene Lights by combining both side  and rear warning lights with scene lights using the Revolution Multifunction Lamps.

These multifunction lamps provide both the photometric requirements as defined by GSA Standard KKK-A-1822F, section of the July 15, 2021 Revision by exceeding all requirements (TOMAR provides measurements to meet all standards using our in-house 100-foot automated light measurement tunnel, all of which can be found here); and combining these warning lamps with a built-in optically-angled tilt-down scene light.   More information on the Revolution Multifunction Series can be found here.  

This streamline option reduces installation time and costs, provides for a cleaner aesthetic, and reduces initial costs for a full Triple K and scene light package.  Like the above basic Triple-K Package, this package can be added to a-la-carte, and comes with all the requires chrome bezels and gaskets.  

Additional Options for Ambulances

TOMAR’s Revolution Series 3×7″, 4×6″, and 7×9″ Warning and Scene Lamps can be ordered as standard lamps, or in pre-programmed configurations, and can conform to any build.  From single, dual, and tri-color; to dual-function Dual-Mode Technology, Revolution Series wins awards based on it’s advanced next-level technology.


  • (2) x DOT Compliant Stop/Tail Lamps with selectable steady-on or stutter-on stop light activation.
  • (2) x DOT Compliant Amber Turn Signals
  • (2) x Reverse Flood Lamps with optional Dual-Mode Warning Lamp Function
  • Choice of (2)  3-stack bezels or (6) individual bezels with all required body-seal gaskets, in either Black or Chrome.

975L Scorpion Half Bar

TOMAR 975L Scorpion Half-Bar

  • Up to 72″ in Length
  • Optional clear or colored lenses
  • Optional built-in 2,500+ foot Optical Traffic Preemption Emitter for TOMAR STROBECOM II or GTT OPTICOM* Intersections

* OPTICOM, GTT and Discriminator are trademarks of Global Traffic Technologies, LLC and are not affiliated with TOMAR Electronics, Inc. or its products.


Free-standing Preemption Emitters

TOMAR’s STROBECOM II Optical Traffic Priority Preemption Emitters provide incredible performance, rated at over 2,500+ feet.  Free-standing solutions are available in traditional 3×7″ size or low-profile size, programmed for any intersection, coded or un-coded/open.

Controllers and Sirens

TOMAR’s 948 and 940 Sirens offer 200-watt drivers with user-preference of push button or slide-switch mode controls.  TOMAR SPK100 and SPK300’s offer powerful, 100-watt speaker options.

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How Does My Department Spec TOMAR?

TOMAR works directly with every Ambulance OEM to provide full light and siren packages designed to your specifications. In most cases, TOMAR can increase light output, reliability, and safety, while reducing costs. And because we manufacture our solutions right here in Gilbert, Arizona, our packages are built in weeks; not months