Strobe & LED Solutions that outshine the rest

TOMAR Custom develops and delivers cost effective Strobe or LED lighting solutions to meet your unique requirements. TOMAR Custom can modify an existing TOMAR product to meet your TOMAR LED lighting modules.specifications, integrate existing TOMAR component building blocks into your existing product, or leverage TOMAR intellectual property, design capability, and manufacturing expertise to create a completely new lighting solution. TOMAR Custom design often draws on its 50 year experience to provide design services free of charge with a production commitment.

The TOMAR Custom Design

Our TOMAR product realization team includes Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Optical, & Manufacturing Engineers

Electrical Engineering

, CUSTOM DESIGN, TOMAR Electronics Inc.Designs circuits to meet electrical function requirements with a safe design margin. Circuits are designed, simulated and tested via computer using Altium PCB Design suite, MATLAB and LTspice. Hardware versions of these designs are verified on the engineering test bench, and using environmental chambers and a screen room for RFI/EMI measurements.

TOMAR Custom excels at working closely with OEM partners throughout the product realization process to create and manufacture the perfect Strobe or LED lighting solution for their applications. We create unique solutions using our expertise in OpticalMechanical, Thermal, Electrical, and Software development. With this focused, multidisciplinary approach TOMAR Custom adds value to any product offering from the simplest light to the most complex system or integration need.  Let TOMAR Custom help your product outshine the rest!

Custom OEM Product Examples:

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