Controllers & Sirens

The 940–SIREN combines the 940–DCP Digital Control Panel and the 940–AMP Siren Amplifier into a single unit for simplified installation.

The 940–DCP features six programmable function switches, integrated siren controls and four progressive mode switches allowing Jump To Mode™ activation as well as a traffic direction switch for use with TOMAR LED or NEOBE® lightbars equipped with the traffic direction option. The 940–DCP is back lit with LED indicators for easy identification and features a spill resistant housing. Connections are made via a simple RJ45 connection to the lightbar or 940 Siren Amp. All switches are a durable magnetic touch pad rated for 10 million operations.

The 940–AMP features 200 watt maximum load with one or two drivers, auxiliary connections for Horn Ring, Horn Relay, Air Horn, Park Kill and Alarm, seven select-able siren tones and a simple RJ45 connection to lightbar or 940–DCP.