• Universal mounting
  • Built-in RFI filters
  • Solid state power supply
  • Xenon strobe lamp
  • Colors: amber, blue, clear, green, purple, & red
  • 5 year warranty on power supply
  • 1 year warranty on lamp
  • UL listed (AC models only)
  • NEMA 4X

The model 804 family is a medium profile, single flash strobe light featuring universal mounting, full size 360° Lexan® lens, high efficiency regulated solid state power supply, and heavy duty xenon strobe lamp. All units are polarity protected and have built-in filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. The model 804 features a fully potted Lexan®, multi-purpose mounting base which is vibration and water resistant. The 804 also features a field replaceable plug-in strobe lamp and state of the art energy storage capacitor for increased intensity.


804–110AC strobe with 10” leads, UL listed120VAC, 50/60Hz
804LC–110AC strobe with AC cord set, UL listed120VAC, 50/60Hz
804–240AC strobe with 10” leads, UL listed240VAC, 50/60Hz
804–1274DC strobe with 10” leads12 – 74VDC
804MB–1274DC strobe, magnetic mount and 10’ coil cord12 – 74VDC
804MBSC–1274DC strobe, magnetic mount and 10’ straight cord12 – 74VDC



Flash Rate80 to 95 flashes per minute
Light Output480 effective candlepower (ECP)*
Voltage and Amperage12-74VDC draws 1.25A @ 12V tapering to 0.2A average @ 74V
120VAC draws 0.3A average
240VAC draws 0.3A average
Power Supply Output 11 Watts8 joules per flash. 800,000 peak candlepower**
Operating Temperature-40 C to 65 C
Size and Weight6.75” tall x 5.5” dia. x 2.2 lbs ( 171mm x 140mm x 1.0kg )
Pipe MountUse 1/2-14 NPSL Straight Pipe Thread