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4375 Strobe
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4375 Strobe
Hazardous Location Strobe

Tomar Electronics model 4375 hazardous location strobe now features a shatter resistant Lexan™ lens.  The efficient lens optics, coupled with the high-power 8 joule xenon strobe tube produce 200 Effective Candela (ECP) and 800,000 Peak Candlepower.

The model 4375 is UL Listed and CSA Certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F, and G; and Class III.

Typical applications include manufacturing plants, chemical and petrochemical processing facilities, sewage treatment plants, off-shore and dockside installations, agricultural, food processing, industrial, mining and marine facilities.

The 4375 is available in 12-74 VDC or 120-240 VAC.  It is NEMA 4X rated and constructed to IP 66.  It is water-tight, dust-tight, and corrosive resistant.  It can be operated in any orientation, and features a ¾” ISP pendant mount.


  • Class I, Div. 2 Groups A, B, C, & D
  • Class II, Div 2, Groups F & G
  • Xenon strobe lamp
  • Available in amber, red, clear, blue, green, and purple
  • 2 year warranty on power supply
  • 1 year warranty on lamp
  • UL listed (where noted below)
  • CSA approved
  • NEMA 4X
  • UL 1598 impact resistant lens
4375 Lens Colors

4375 Models

Model Description Voltage
4375–120 Hazardous location AC strobe 120 – 240VAC
4375–1274 Hazardous location DC strobe 12 – 74VDC


Item Description
Lamp Type 2001 Xenon strobe lamp
Lens Type 4375–L–Color ( please specify lens color )
Flash Rate 80 flashes per minute ± 10%
Light Output 200 ECP
Voltage and Amperage 12–74VDC draws 1.2A @ 12VDC draws 0.33A @ 74VDC
120/240VAC draws 0.2A @ 120VAC (50/60Hz) draws 0.6A @ 240VAC (50/60Hz)
Temperature Code T2
Temperature Rating –40° C to +65° C
Power Supply Output 15 Watts ( single flash ) 8 joules per flash
Size and Weight 8.5” tall x 5.4” dia. x 3.2 lbs
( 215mm x 137mm x 1.45kg )

Architect and Engineer Specifications

Hazardous Location visual signaling beacon shall be Tomar model number series 4375 or approved equal. The beacon shall be UL Listed Class I, Division II, Groups A,B,C, and D; for use in specified hazardous locations as classified by the National Electric Code. The light source shall be a plug-in field replaceable single-flash xenon strobe lamp. The warning signal must have built-in RFI filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. Voltage ranges shall be 12-74VDC and 120-240VAC. The warning light shall be rated NEMA 4X and have a polycarbonate lens.