Dual-mode, Not just dual-color

When specifying your next apparatus/fire truck, rescue, or ambulance, make sure your technology is working as hard as you do.

TOMAR’s Dual-Mode Lighting Technology is like you, adaptable.  When we say Dual-Mode, we mean a lamp which is designed to perform different tasks, depending on its environment.  Every scene is different, and some emergencies such as wildfires, don’t always have a defined scene area. 


How it Works

If lights were cars, then optics would be the “drivetrain” putting the “power to the ground.”  Our in-house designed optics were engineered with the lamp’s functions and capabilities in mind.  With that, brings the ability to project the lumens from multiple LEDs (physically different light sources) to where it is intended to go.  TOMAR’s Clear Vision Optics mated to our patented water-proof seal reduces stray light, and gives unparalleled performance in both flashing warning mode; and steady scene-illumination mode.

Simply put, our optics give you less stray-light in your eyes from warning lights; and more usable white light on your scene.

Designed.  Not just a light-show.

See it work

Allow Sean, our Headquarters Account Manager, to walk you through this demonstration of our Dual-Mode, dual-purpose solutions from our booth at FDIC 2021.

More usable light in the Wildland

In the bush, do you still run warning lights, or do you shut them off?  If you shut them off, wouldn’t it be great if the money your department spent on wiring those lamps could continue to work for you?  And if you leave them on for vehicle identification, wouldn’t it be great if the lights notified AND helped you see?  We believe even lights need to pull their weight to help create safety. 

Watch this Type 3 Apparatus in the wildland with no other light sources, and notice the ground around it as it travels down the road, activating it’s full Dual-Mode package.

See it work in the wildland

Watch the above Type 3, Model 34 operate remotely with it’s Dual-Mode TOMAR Light Package.


Fire Fighters and EMS workers can take advantage of TOMAR’s Dual-Mode tech in metropolitan areas, as well.  When you’re working the scene on the side of your truck, your Dual-Mode TOMAR Lights can change from pulsating warning-lights, to helpful additional scene lighting.  Because it’s selectable by side, the rest of the emergency vehicle can still warn traffic.

In this video, we demonstrate this concept in an urban setting, and show how Dual-Mode Lighting can help calm chaotic scenes, and allow you to work safer and more efficiently at night.