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Florida DOT 'A' Rating
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TOMAR Nets 'A' Rating in Florida DOT Evaluation

Phoenix, Arizona — TOMAR Electronics, a Gilbert, Ariz.-based manufacturer of traffic products and emergency lighting systems, received an 'A' rating for its quality assurance program. According to a recent Quality Assurance (QA) Status Report developed by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), TOMAR was one of only 17 signal device manufacturers to earn the highest grade.

FDOT's evaluation, which supports a state-wide initiative to improve the quality of approved traffic control products, focused on TOMAR's popular traffic preemption system, "Strobecom II." That system, already employed by emergency response teams to clear intersections in several Florida cities and throughout the U.S., has been included on the FDOT Approved Product List of Traffic Control Devices for years.

Bob Griner, Equipment Evaluation Coordinator for FDOT in Tallahassee, Fla., said TOMAR's submission package, which included an in-depth questionnaire, a QA manual and a detailed video showing the manufacturing processes, capabilities, and experience; offers an excellent example as to what manufacturers should submit to comply with Florida's strict QA standards.

"Of approximately 100 manufacturers who applied to become qualified manufacturers here in Florida, only 17 were approved by FDOT with an 'A' rating," said Griner.

"TOMAR's high rating was no surprise here," admitted Griner. "We knew as early as November, following discussions here with Tom Nielsen (TOMAR's Quality Manager) and with the rest of the TOMAR delegation, that they would likely garner impressive scores. They appeared solid and professional and asked the right questions."

Nielsen, who managed TOMAR's effort to acquire certification, admitted that, while the TOMAR staff is pleased with the rating, they understand the scope of things to come.

"We take quality very seriously around here," said Nielsen. "Customer focus must be our strength in serving the customer and we're committed to that vision."

The company will be re-evaluated in two years. With that re-evaluation, a survey of TOMAR products sold in Florida will be conducted to determine the level of customer satisfaction. Also, FDOT guidelines allow for on-site audits to be performed on a random basis to verify that documented and referenced procedures are being effectively implemented.